Keep on knitting like a knittin' fool!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Wow! It's almost Thanksgiving!

Okay, I really am not doing too well with keeping up this whole blog thing... I've completed quite a few projects- tube socks (yes, I am still afraid of the words gusset and "turn the heel") and ponchos (lots) and of course more scarves...I'll try to get more pics up. Matt and I test on Sunday- I can't believe it's here already! I am so proud of him... Three years and he wants to continue. He is so good too- he can do flips, splits and all kinds of funky moves that I was never able to do at his age! He is doing awesome in school too and is playing the violin and the clarinet. He is such a cool kid- I'm not sure he realizes how cool and amazing he really is... Then there is the baby- who isn't a baby anymore! He's 5 and one half and in kindergarten. He loves it and he is so smart. He has a great memory and an amazing sense of humor. He's my little snuggle bug, so sweet and lovable. Poor thing has excema and has to wear glasses, but he is just so cute! Ahhh, my babies...